Spinning ring with Suffragette colours

Spinning ring with Suffragette colours

This is a custom order I was asked to make for a lovely lady, with an important message.

suffragette colours ring

She asked if I could make a spinning ring, with three spinners, each set with different gemstones, specifically a green emerald, a purple sapphire and transparent zircon.

If you've been around a while (or listened in history lessons) you might recognise these colours as the colour scheme of the Suffragettes - purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity and green for hope.

Using the design of my spinning rings as a starting point, I sourced some gorgeous stones. Ones like these - they’re really fiddly so I took a really close up pic so you can see them in their glittery loveliness.


...and then I set the stones in solid gold nugggets on the spinning bands. There was no need for a personalised message inside the ring so I carried on with the main inner band. This is what it looks like before I form it, solder it and finish it.


Forming the inner band

As you can see, I create all my pieces entirely by hand, so there was plenty of bashing, filing and soldering to make the ring. I won't bore you too much with that part of my work.... I then attached the spinning bands and gave the piece a thorough polish.


Ring on a ring sizer


The was a lovely piece to make with a nice story behind it - bonus!

Here are some pics of the finished ring. 

Finished ring


Finished ring 2


Finished ring 3

If you want to ask about a custom order, you can talk to me here. Alternatively, have a look around my other spinning rings.

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