Remodelling service - reloving your old pieces.

If you've got a really sentimental piece that you can't wear or a bundle of old jewellery sitting in a drawer, why not take a look into repurposing it into a brand new piece of jewellery?

I can make most items on my website from repurposed jewellery and precious metal is wonderfully recyclable, so let's take a look at what I can do to bring new life to your old pieces....

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  • New life to Dad's ring

    I melted down this the old ring made from 9ct gold and used it to form the hearts and inner band on this modern new piece.

    I added two silver bands and a cheeky emerald offset in one of the hearts.

    Now the new owner can wear a really important piece of gold, in a way that suits her completely.

  • After

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  • Before

  • Sentimental stacking set

    I reformed the gold from these rings into two hammered gold bands and a central skinny band, adding a bezel setting for the original stone.

    Then I added two white gold rings and cheeky diamonds to complete a stacking set that's versatile to wear and modern to look at.

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  • Wedding rings with a new life

    I started with a pair of plain gold wedding rings that held a great deal of history.

    I melted the rings and, using the ancient technique of sand casting, created three gorgeous charms.

    These then dangle freely around a solid silver bangle with a hammered finish - a new story from two much loved pieces.

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  • Wedding rings from sentimental gold

    The customer had accumulated various pieces of gold in various carats. It was my job to transform this into a pair of beautiful wedding bands.

    I melted the gold into a single ingot and then rolled it into thick, chunky wire. Then cut and formed two separate rings - A pair of wedding bands made from the same piece of sentimental gold.

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Thinking of remodelling some old jewellery? Here's what you need to know.


I can reuse gold and silver, and reset diamonds from old rings into new items. I don't tend to just fix old, broken items (you're probably best seeing a local jeweller for that), but I can melt it down and create something new from old gold and silver.

How does it work?

The first step would be finding something on my shop that you like, or letting me know any aspects of other designs you like. It would also help to have pics of your rings and the carat etc, and then I'll be able to work out a quote for you. Contact me here or email them over to or on FB or Insta and I'll get back to you with some questions.

What's the cost?

As a rough guide, any savings in materials are taken up by the extra hours worked remodelling the metal, so it can be the same price or more than the price of a new item, depending on complexity - this means it only makes sense for sentimental pieces.

Very rough guide -

  • Melting 2 gold bands together to form a single gold band - £300ish.
  • A One Love ring using your gold for the heart - £200ish
  • A Cariad ring made all in gold from your gold and diamonds - £700ish

I've only put rough prices as every piece and every remodel is different, but it gives you an idea of prices.

I can add my gold and gemstones too, and that'll add to the price, or if you've got excess gold leftover (which isn't sentimental) I can recycle it for you and take it off the cost of the new piece.