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Infinite love midi- medium solid gold or silver spiral necklace

Infinite love midi- medium solid gold or silver spiral necklace

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This pretty pendant is a take on my 'Infinity' range, and it's a teeny bit smaller but just as spirally and gleamy! (Is gleamy even a word?)

The pendant is handmade from solid 9ct gold or silver with a heart inside a larger circle in one continuous loop. The necklace in the picture is made from rose gold, but I can use 9ct white gold or yellow gold too.

I've made it a bit smaller than the standard version to keep it affordable, so it measures about 20mm across You can wear it with anything and it comes with your choice of short, medium or long chain, again made from the same metal.

Each piece is made to order so no two are exactly the same, and I think that's part of their twirly charm!

If you'd like a different size you can see more options on the infinite love collection page


Rings - Please don't size up if you buy a wider ring - I make all the necessary adjustments at my end.

Chain length - 18 inches is the standard short chain


All my pieces are made to withstand everyday wear. If you're going rock climbing or fighting bears it might be better to take off your jewellery. Chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools as well as household cleaners may also tarnish the metal.

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