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Cute sweetheart ring

Cute sweetheart ring

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Metal for heart

Handmade from D-section sterling silver, I create this ring using traditional silver-smithing methods, specially for you, then polish it to a lustrous shine.

I then carve, by hand, a glowing heart. The heart is roughly 5mm high and uses your choice of solid gold, rose gold or silver, and I then set this precisely on your ring. Each heart is totally unique.

And of course I can personalise your ring for you at no extra charge with a message, date or special words inside the band, up to a maximum of 20 letters.


Rings - Please don't size up if you buy a wider ring - I make all the necessary adjustments at my end.

Chain length - 18 inches is the standard short chain


All my pieces are made to withstand everyday wear. If you're going rock climbing or fighting bears it might be better to take off your jewellery. Chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools as well as household cleaners may also tarnish the metal.

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