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Solid silver doodle or child's drawing necklace

Solid silver doodle or child's drawing necklace

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Kids' pictures (or even adult doodles are a lovely way to remember a moment in time, so why not get a permanent reminder in the form of a totally original solid silver necklace?

I cut these necklaces by hand, with a thickness of 2mm so they're nice and substantial

How it works

Just give me a picture you want replicating in silver. It's better as a line drawing, but I can make most pictures. I will saw it by hand from solid silver before finishing it immaculately to make a truly personal necklace.

Upload a photo of the picture when you order, and I will scale it onto a pendant - usually about 5cm wide depending on the detail. If you want a larger or smaller necklace, just let me know and I'll figure out the best way of fitting it onto silver.


Rings - Please don't size up if you buy a wider ring - I make all the necessary adjustments at my end.

Chain length - 18 inches is the standard short chain


All my pieces are made to withstand everyday wear. If you're going rock climbing or fighting bears it might be better to take off your jewellery. Chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools as well as household cleaners may also tarnish the metal.

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