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Solid silver elephant necklace with gold heart tag

Solid silver elephant necklace with gold heart tag

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You guys probably know I’m animal crazy, and in 2019 I decided to set myself a challenge – to create a solid silver necklace with of one of my favourite animals – a gorgeous elephant.

I’ve never represented an animal before and I learnt all about wax carving, casting and finishing, but I was still struggling. Even as I created more and more life-like elephants, they always lacked something – they never had a spark - They didn’t make me feel how I did about the real animals - they weren’t real!

And then I had a brainwave. No matter how lifelike I made them, my animals would never be real without the soul, the heart, the spark, whatever you want to call it.

So I went back to the drawing board and created the most basic elephant I could - deliberately made to look like he’s put together from individual flat pieces, but this time I added a spark. I added a gold heart on a solid gold tag, and this time he came to life.

It’s the spark that makes animals so awesome, and this is who I’m introducing now. The most elephanty elephant I can ever create!

About the elephant

This gorgeous elephant is reassuringly heavy at about 16g, and measures 30mm from the tip of his trunk to the end of his tail.

He's hand-cast from solid sterling silver and the tag is hand-stamped with my heart logo, on a tag made from solid 9ct gold.

The elephant comes with a 22 inch solid silver belcher chain



Rings - Please don't size up if you buy a wider ring - I make all the necessary adjustments at my end.

Chain length - 18 inches is the standard short chain


All my pieces are made to withstand everyday wear. If you're going rock climbing or fighting bears it might be better to take off your jewellery. Chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools as well as household cleaners may also tarnish the metal.

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